This symbol translated mean Chao which means Dim-sum. It's worn only by Chiaotzu and why he decided to wear it I don't know.
This is the symbol of the Grand Kai . It means Grand as he is the Grand Kai. He wears this symbol on his hat and wears the traditional Kai symbol on his chest. This is probably used to show people that he is superior over the other Kais.
This is the symbol that we see Goku wear during his time on Namek. He receives this uniform from King Kai after his training with him. The symbol translates to the word Go which means you understand / enlightenment / discern.
This is the symbol worn by Ox-King which of course means Ox or Cow. The symbol actually means Ox-Demon-King. Gyu (Ox), Ma (Demon), Oh/Ou (King).
This is the symbol we see worn by Gohan in the future timeline on the back of his gi. It translates to Han which means Meal, Boiled Rice. His name is Gohan so you can see where this idea came from.
This symbol is worn by Master Shen and all his students. It translates out to the word Hok which means Crane. Master Shen is also known as the Crane Hermit like Roshi is to the Turtle Hermit. Although Shen has more students that we don't know about we only see it worn by Tien, Chiaotzu, and Shen himself.
This is the symbol that we see King Kai wear. At first we only see North Kai wearing it but all the King Kai's wear it as well. It means World-King. It's actually two symbols on top of each other. The top is Kai (World) and underneath is Oh (King).
This is one of the most common symbols in Dragon Ball. This is Master Roshi's symbol and is worn by the people he trains. It means Turtle or Kame. Roshi is also known as the Turtle Hermit and "Kamehameha" means Turtle Destruction Wave. So this symbol stands for Kame or Turtle. We see it worn by Goku, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and of course Roshi himself.
We see this symbol worn only Yamcha and only up until he starts training under Master Roshi. It translates to the word Lok which means Happiness.
This is the symbol worn by King Piccolo, Piccolo, and Gohan. It translates out to the word Ma which means Evil and Demonic. King Piccolo is often referred to as Piccolo Daimaou because it basically means King and the word is put at the end instead. Dai (Grand)-Ma (Evil)-Ou-(King)
This symbol we see only worn by Emperor Pilaf. I'm not sure exactly what it translates to, but im assuming it's something like Pilav which means Rich Dish.
This is worn only by Mercenary Tao the assassin. It translates to the word Saat which means Kill You. Considering he is an assassin this works perfectly. He also has the words Kill You in English on the back of his clothes.
This symbol stands for Shin which basically means God or Guardian of the Earth. We see it worn by Kami until he fuses with Piccolo and also by Goku after he finishes his training with Kami.
This is the symbol that Gohan wears when he was little. It stands for "Son" which basically means offspring. It's also Goku's and Gohan's family name.
This is the symbol worn by Boss Rabbit also known as Monster Carrot. This symbol translates to Toninjinka which means Carrot.
Other Symbols:
This is the symbol that is found on the clothing of all the Ginyu Force members and on their equipment such as their spacepods and is very similar to that worn by members of the Cooler Force
This is the symbol that the members of Cooler's Group in Movie 5 wear on their battle jackets. I'm guessing that in Freeza's army that all special forces wear thier own symbol, as Cooler's group an the Ginyu Froce both have their own symbols.
This is the symbol of Garlic Jr. and is on the front of his shirt in both Movie 1 and the Garlic Jr. Saga. It shows a kind of tower or castle of sorts and could be be possible connection to Garlic Jr. and his father's connection the throne of Kami
This is Babadi's symbol. It stands for Majin. It appears on Babadi's and Buu's clothing, but when Babadi has possessed someone the symbol is branded on their forehead, or in Yakon's care, their stomach
This is the symbol of the Red Ribbon Army. It appears on everything they own, clothing, weapons, machines and buildings. This symbol is not seen again after Son Goku destroys the entire army until DBZ. When the Androids appear, each one sporting this symbol
This is the symbol of the Capsule Corporation, which is owned by Bulma's father, Dr. Briefs. This logo can be seen on many thing produced by the Capsule Corp., such as vehicles, houses, Future Trunks' Jacket and of course the Hoi Poi Capsules.

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