The Tenkaichi Budoukai is a tournament with fighters who compete to see, who is the greatest among those is the strongest. It is held every 3 years on Papaya Island on May 7th. However, there have been years that no Z-Fighter has gone to the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Eleven years went by between the 23rd and 24th Tenkaichi Budoukais, for the arena to be rebuilt by, Goku and  fight. Seven years had to go by between the 24th and the 25th, due to the Cell Games. Also, the 4 years that happened to go by the 25th and 26th Tenkaichi Budoukais, because of the infamous Majin Buu. Due to the great intense of the Budoukai, a prize was meant for the strongest one that happened to show up. Usually, the prize was 50,000 zeni to about 500,000 zeni. That's quiet a lot. All in all those times, many new people conquered feats no one else could, as did some over come those. If you think that is all it's about, think again!

Tenkaichi Budoukai Translation:

Ten - Heavens/Sky
Ka - Under/Beneath
Ichi - First/Best
Bu - Martial Arts
Duo - Way Of (Fighting)
Kai - Meeting
Translated to: Heavens Under First Fighting Way of Meeting. Still sounds wierd doesn't it!

Ten + Ka means "Under the Heavens" + Ichi = The World's Best.
English Translation: Tenkaichi means, "World's Best"

Bu + Dou = Martial arts (Martial Arts is a "way of") + Kai = "Martial Arts Meeting".
English Translation: Budoukai means, "Martial Arts Tournament"

Combine both words of the translation and you get:
Tenkaichi Budoukai = The World's Best Martial Arts Tournament

FUNimation Translation: World Tournament:
Now many of you are probably thinking that this is all wrong because it's not anything like what you here it called in the FUNimation dub (English version). FUNimation probably thought calling it The World's Best Martial Arts Tournament was a little long so they shortened it to The World Tournament.


» Tenkaichi Budoukai Rules
You are disqualified from the tournament if you touch anything outside of the ring or have/use a weapon or any other kind of object to help you win the match.
You lose the match if you give up or are down for the count of ten. You also lose if you are knocked unconsious.
If you cry or kill your opponent you are automatically disqualified.
No poking your opponent in the eyes. If you leave or arrive late at the tournament you are disqualified.
No hitting the family jewels.

Dragonball - 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai Info

Series: Dragon ball 
Total Entrants: 137
Date: May 7, 750 A.D.
Finalists: 8
Winner: Jackie Chun (Master Roshi)
Runner-up: Goku
Prize Money: 500,000 Zeni

Daizenshuu Chart

The 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai takes place about three months after Goku thwarts Lord Pilaf's plans for world domination.

The 8 finalists are decided by an eight block preliminary battle round. Each block consisted of approximately 17 fighters. A total of 129 preliminary matches took place. The preliminary rounds are held in a room concealed from the Tenkaichi Budoukai spectators (Bulma, Oolong & Puar). The 8 finalists fought in an open square in the center of a small stadium.

During the first round of the finals, Krillin is to face Bacterian, Yamcha is to face Jackie Chun, Ranfan will face Namu, and Goku will battle Giran.

Match 1: Krillin vs. Bacterian:
The first battle is Krillin against Bacterian, who is the only contestant in the history of the Tenkaichi Budoukai who has never bathed. As the match begins, Krillin leaps over Bacterian's first blow. Annoyed, Bacterian decides to give Krillin a smell of his breath. While Krillin is stunned by his breath, Bacterian unleashes what has to be the most disgusting attack in all of Dragonball. He reaches into his underwear, rubs his hand around a bit, and gives Krillin a whiff of his crotch stench. As you might have guessed, this knocks Krillin right out. After a short count, Krillin manages to get back up, only to be strangled by the smelly brute. With a bit of encouragement from Goku, Krillin is able to knock Bacterian's arms away, and give him a good kick in the face. Getting up, Bacterian utters "Rotten kid." and backs Krillin in a corner. Seeing a possible rout of escape, Krillin makes a dash under Bacterian's legs. Bacterian sees this and simply sits down as Krillin passes under him, crushing the little half-pint ball. Bacterian proceeds to jump up and down on our bald friend, causing him much pain and agony. After about half a dozen poundings, Krillin manages to hold Bacterian's buttocks with his arms. Bacterian lets a big one rip right in Krillin's face. Bacterian then rubs his butt in Krillin's face for good measure, gets up and stops, smashes, and grinds his face into the ground. Bacterian backs up and exclaims "I did it!" The ref comes in for the count. From the sidelines, Goku exclaims "Krillin, you don't have a nose, your just imagining the smell!" Goku reminds him, Krillin shouts out "That's right!", and gets up as the count reaches 9. Bacterian prepares a super loogie and lets it loose on Krillin. Krillin jumps into the air, and gives Bacterian a super kick to the face. As a payback, Krillin gets in front of the odor giant's face, pulls down his pants, and farts in his face. Bacterian is out cold.

Match 2: Yamcha vs. Jackie Chun:
The second battle of the semi-finals is the desert bandit, Yamcha, against mysterious fighter named Jackie Chun (Master Roshi in disguise). Jackie defeated all of his preliminary opponents with one move, Yamcha decided to see how he good he is. Yamcha jumps into the air, and strikes down on Jackie with a series of kicks and punches, all of which Jackie dodges with little effort. "Seem to be having a hard time, aren't you?" says Jackie. The crowd stares in disbelief, Bulma mutters "The old man is good...", and Jackie comments "You seem experienced, but you have a lot of wasted motion. What a pity..." "What did you say?" Yamcha says as he continues his usual attacks. Goku comments that the old man is really strong. Very angered, Yamcha says to himself "I can't believe he's making me look this silly. I'll have to do my "Wolf Wind Attack!" The desert bandit crouches back, charges Jackie, and shouts, "Wolf Wind Attack!" (Love that wolf.) He then leaps into the air, and comes down on Jackie with a fierce blow. Jackie dodges by jumping over Yamcha once, and then back flips to his original position. "I think I'll give a present of a nice fresh breeze.." says Jackie as he powers up for his first and final attack on Yamcha. The old man put his hands together, channels energy into his hands, brings one hand back, and unleashes his energy as a huge gust of wind. The wind is more than Yamcha can bear or expected, and it knocks him out of the ring and into the wall separating the arena from the crowd. "How was that? Wasn't it refreshing?" taunts Jackie, as he claims his victory without ever laying a hand on Yamcha. Yamcha was wondering what happen.

Match 3: Namu vs. Ranfan:
Match number three puts the seductress Ranfan up against the very noble Namu, who needs the Tenkaichi Budoukai prize money to buy water for his drought stricken village. Namu takes a very serious stance as the match begins, but becomes flustered as Ranfan makes a pass at him. Taking advantage of her opponents lowered guard, Ranfan plants a powerful kick on Namu's neck and drops a double fist on he head. She attempts a third attack, but Namu gathers himself and jumps away. Now on the offensive, Namu rears back for his first attack, but Ranfan cowards and shrieks. This causes Namu to pause, and tap Ranfan ever so slightly on her arm. "Ouch! That hurt!" Ranfan cries as she falls to the ground. "He hit me! It hurt!" she cries. Very sorry, Namu stammers "Forgive me... are you okay?" Jackie yelled out, "Watch out how you hit pretty girl!" Then, he closes his mouth hoping no one heard him. Yamcha realize that Jackie Chun is Master Roshi. Once again taking advantage of her opponent, Ranfan lands a burning punch square on Namu's chest. Ranfan attempts another punch, but Namu grabs it. "If that's the tactic you're going to use, then I will no longer consider you a female! I will think of you as a man and a mortal enemy. I will fight with all of my strength and abilities!" shouts Namu as he regains his stance. Namu attacks, and Ranfan dodges with a back flip. Countering, Ranfan tries a roundhouse, but is blocked by Namu. Seeing no other way out, Ranfan decides to use her ultimate tactic. She strips down to her underwear right on the spot! (Jackie got very excited). Namu is stunned, and doesn't know what to do. "How do you like this, mister pure and noble?" Ranfan says in a seductive voice as she tosses her shirt aside. Namu's face turn blood red as he casts his eyes at the floor. With her chest stuck WAY out, Ranfan approaches Namu, who backs into the corner of the ring and nearly falls out. At this point, Namu has a flashback of his village. Remembering his mission, Namu closes his eyes, dodges Ranfan's final attack and knocks her out cold with a chop to the neck. As Namu claims victory, Jackie comes over for a closer look at Ranfan (and a peak down her panties. Roshi's the man).

Match 4: Goku vs. Giran:
In match four, our hero faces off against Giran, a formidable opponent who has won many tournaments as of late. As the match begins, "What what what?" questions Goku as he moves closer. Suddenly Giran spins around and smacks Goku into the wall on the far side of the ring with his tail. Thinking Goku is down for good, the crowd is stunned. However, Goku hops back up as if nothing happened. "Something happened! It kind of hurt!" says Goku. Goku charges at Giran. They exchange a few punches, each blocking the other's until Goku lands one in Giran's stomach, picks him up by the tail, and hurls him out of the ring. Goku is announced as the winner, and his friends begin to celebrate. Unexpectedly, Giran begins to fly! Giran return to the ring, and it is announced that since Giran never actually touched the ground, that he was not out of bounds. "There is no out of bounds for me" states Giran, Goku replies, "I guess I'll have to make you say 'I give up'." Giran spits a pair of purple rings around Goku. When asked what it is, Giran replies "Its my Guru Guru Gum." "I can't move." Says Goku as Giran lumbers towards him. Giran cracks his knuckles, hits Goku over the head, and hurls him out of the ring. Goku rapidly approaches the ground and yells "Nimbus!" Inches off the ground, Goku's magic cloud catches him, and returns him to the ring. Giran points out, "I though you couldn't use objects." The announcer confirms with the Budoukai officials, and it is decided that an exception will be made for this remarkable little cloud, however it will not be allowed again. Giran grins at this, as he only has to toss Goku out of the ring one more time to win. Giran approaches Goku. A swing! And a miss?! Puzzled, Giran looks around as a frightened crowd points towards his arm where he find Goku hanging there, by a tail! "My tail grew back!" exclaims Goku as he hops from Giran's arm. Determined to have a fair fight, Goku strains against the Guru Guru Gum attack as a stunned Giran looks on after a minute of struggling, Goku breaks his bonds. As a show of strength, Goku smashes a large hole in the back wall of the arena with a jump kick. Don't know what else to do, Giran holds up a little white flag, and announces he is giving up.

Match 5: Krillin vs. Jackie Chun:
The fifth match is Krillin versus Jackie Chun. As the match begins, Krillin charges Jackie Chun. He swings at him twice. Failing to make contact, Krillin leaps and unleashes a barrage of kicks, all of which Jackie dodges. This continues for several more seconds until Krillin finally catches Jackie off guard, forcing him to block Krillin's blow. They break away from each other, and Jackie takes on an attack stance. Jackie continues to charge at Krillin, and gives him a backhanded tap to his forehead. This seemingly weak attack sends Krillin flying into the back wall of the ring. Getting up, Krillin is shocked; he never saw the punch. Goku, who saw the punch, reminds him to remember his training and he will have no problem seeing it. "I won't be so nice with my next punch," remarks Jackie as Krillin resumes his fighting pose. Again, Jackie strikes at his pupil, only this time Krillin sees the punch coming. There is a flash of light, and both opponents land on opposite sides of the ring, unharmed. Again, the two fighters charge each other, only this time Krillin falls over after landing, and goes down for a count of 9. Puzzled as to what occurred when the two fighters met in midair, the announcer inquires. Jackie and Krillin demonstrate a rather elaborate succession of moves they went through in mid air, all of which took just 0.2 seconds. Resuming the match, Krillin knows that he cannot beat the old man by skill alone, and decides to use his secret weapon. He reaches in his gi, pulls out a pair of panties, and tosses them toward Jackie. Being the pervert that he is, Jackie cannot resist his urges, and he leaps toward the panties. Just inches away from his goal, Jackie receives a sharp kick to the head from Krillin. The kick knocks Jackie clear out of the arena, and into the sky above the surrounding city. Seeing only one way out of his predicament, the old man fires a Kamehameha at the city street, and uses its force to propel himself back into the Budoukai arena. Stunned, the announcer exclaims that, up until this point, there was only one man who had mastered the Kamehameha, but now there is another. Totally amazed, Krillin turns to Goku and asked what he can do. "Win!" is the reply he receives. With that in mind, Krillin charges Jackie, who easily dodges causing Krillin to smash into the back wall of the arena. "I see you managed to conquer that wall." jests Jackie as Krillin returns to his feet. Krillin tells the old man to "Be quiet" as he charges the old man once again. Instead of jumping, Jackie uses his "One-Pattern technique", Jackie leaves an image of himself as he appears behind Krillin. "Look out! Behind you!" shouts Goku, but it's too late. Jackie unleashes a fierce chop to each side of Krillin's neck, dropping the midget to the ground. The announcer begins his count, but Jackie walks away saying "Don't bother counting. He won't be getting up for a while."

Match 6: Goku vs. Namu:
The sixth match and the last semifinal match of the Budoukai pits the noble Namu against our young hero, Goku. Before the match, Namu has a flashback to his drought-stricken village, and resolves to win the fight. At the sound of the gong, both fighters are motionless as they examine their opponent. After a bit of thought, Goku decides to use "One-Pattern," the same technique that Jackie used to defeat Krillin. Goku disappears and reappears behind Namu. As he does this, Namu concentrates, senses Goku's presence and leaps into the air to avoid him. Namu counters by coming down on Goku with a jump-kick, which Goku dodges. Next, both fighters exchange several rounds of punches and kicks, with each fighter blocking the other's blows. Finally, Namu manages to land a blow on Goku, causing the young warrior to stumble. Regaining his footing, Goku uses a sweep kick to trip Namu and punches him into the Budoukai arena's back wall. Namu propels himself off of the wall using his feet and comes charging at Goku. Goku, who is stunned at Namu's agility, is helpless as Namu lands a sharp chop to his neck. The chop, being more than Goku can stand, causes him to curl up on the ground. Seeing another opening, Namu decides to try and force Goku out of bounds by charging him. As Namu reaches Goku, he instinctively grabs Namu by the ankle with his tail, tripping his attacker. Goku pauses for a moment and devices a new technique that he is sure will defeat Namu. Goku extends his arms, and begins to spin like a top. As the twirling Goku approaches Namu, he tries, but fails to repel the twirling boy. However, just as Namu is forced back to the arena's edge, Goku's spinning slows, and he passes out. Seeing the ultimate chance to end the match, Namu takes to the air to prepare for his Diving X attack. As Namu falls down Goku begins to recover, but it is too late. Namu lands his Diving X attack right on Goku's neck, knocking him out once again. The count begins, and his friends worry that he will never recover from such a violent blow. However, just as the announcer reaches ten, Goku is able to leap to his feet, and continue the match. Namu, certain that his attack was somehow off its mark, takes to the sky once more. Goku, knowing what Namu is up to, follows suit, and the two warriors are soon floating down together, Suddenly, Goku dives in an effort to beat Namu to the ground. Goku reaches the ground only seconds before Namu. Seeing this, Namu sets up for one last Diving X. Unfortunately for Namu, Goku leaps to one side, and kicks Namu in the side while he is only feet from the ground. This sends Namu flying out of the ring, and causes him to lose the match.

Finals: Goku vs. Jackie Chun:
The crowd sits silent, and drums beat on the sidelines as the 7th as the final match of the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai is about to begin. The champion of this battle, be it Goku or Jackie Chun, will receive the 500,000 zeni prize. As the match is about to begin, Jackie and Goku take their stances. "I won't hold back." quips Jackie. "Me too." replies Goku. *Gong* The match has begun! Just as the gong finishes begins to ring, Jackie makes a charge at Goku. Jackie swings, but misses as Goku leaps into the air. Jackie glances over his shoulder, sees Goku returning to the ground, and does a back flip into the air. He meets up with Goku high above the Budoukai arena, and plants a kick square on Goku's back. Goku is sent flying over the city! Worse yet, he has been forbidden to use his Nimbus. As Goku continues his flight, Jackie thinks to himself "I didn't think I'd win so easily. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten so worried." Jackie is all but proclaimed the winner when, to the amazement of the crowd, Goku comes hovering back into the ring using his tail to propel himself like a helicopter. "Too bad" taunts Goku. After several more exchanges, Goku challenges Jackie by saying his Kamehameha is every bit as good as Jackie's. "Then see if you can withstand my Kamehameha. The technique that took me years to perfect." Says challenges Jackie. "I though Master Roshi invented the Kamehameha." questions Goku. "Oh... that right. It's definitely Master Roshi's." Says Jackie, with a bit of embarrassment (Phew, almost gave himself away. Good thing Goku isn't all that swift). "Kame..hame.." begins Jackie. "Kame..hame.." returns Goku. Both fighters then release their blasts at the same time with a "HA!". Both beams collide in mid air, creating a huge energy ball between the fighters which floods the arena in a blue light. The ball expands until it explodes, sending both competitors flying across the arena. Everyone (Including Jackie himself), is stunned at Goku's display of power. The announcer and the crowd praise Goku, and Jackie knows he had better not underestimate the boy again. Jackie resumes the match using his "one image" technique. "That again? Lets see. He's really... HERE!" shouts Goku as he turns and punches at a second image of Jackie. Jackie appears behind Goku, says "You missed," and kicks him sharply into the arena's back wall, demolishing it. The announcer begins his count. The entire crowd is held in suspense until Goku finally emerges from the rubble at the count of eight. Jackie is amazes, Goku hardly looks affected by his attack. "I can do that too." Says Goku as he repeats Jackie's "one image." "You can't win by copying me" says Jackie. He turns to meat Goku's second image, and thinks the real Goku will then be behind him. He whips around and punches, only to meet up with a third image. Jackie is totally caught off guard. "Here I am." shouts Goku as he comes down from above, and strikes Jackie in the head with an overhead double fist. Jackie drops to the ground, and is quite a bit of pain. "The nerve of you hitting your teacher in the head like that!" scolds Jackie. "Why are you my teacher old man. My teacher is Master Roshi." quizzes Goku. "Eh? Sure, that's right! I knew that!" says Jackie, who is by now quite embarrassed. "I know! You must be related to Master Roshi!" exclaims Goku. "Hahaha. You found out!" says Jackie, as he rubs his head in embarrassment. Jackie produces a family tree and says "See, were actually cousins." (Phew, saved once again). Again, Jackie resumes the match, but this time with a new technique. He begins to stagger around the arena, as if he were drunk. This catches Goku off guard. Jackie staggers towards Goku and punches him numerous times. Despite Goku's attempts, he cannot counter this technique by normal means. Again, Goku decides to imitate Jackie's technique (with a little modification of course). To Jackie's surprise, Goku begins to jump around the arena as if he were a monkey. Using this technique, Goku manages to stop Jackie's drunken attack, and land a few hits a well. Eventually, the two break apart and take a short breather. Jackie vows that he will use the ultimate attack to defeat Goku. The match has gone on so long, that by now dusk is rapidly approaching, and the Moon hangs low in the sky. Jackie takes an odd stance, begins to wave his hands around in a hypnotic fashion while chanting in a strange tongue. Goku's eyes become heavy, his tail droops, and he hits the ground. After arguing with Jackie, the officials start the count. Goku's friends shout for him to get up, but he doesn't budge. Finally, at the count of nine, Bulma shouts "Goku, get up! It's time to eat!" "Food, where?" questions Goku as he leaps to his feet. Goku leaps into the air, and comes down on Jackie with a series of Jankenpon, which Jackie easily blocks. Goku tries it one more time, and lands a blow squarely on Jackie's nose. The blow sends Jackie reeling backwards and causes him to hit the ground. Jackie remains down for a count of seven, before he collects himself as returns to his feet. Jackie once again vows not to loose the match, even if it means using his ultimate attack. "You're only the second person I've had to use this on. The other was your Grandfather." Says Jackie as he prepares for his ultimate attack. Jackie clasps his hands together in praying fashion and begins to power up. He puts out his hands, and they are engulfed in electricity. He continues to charge his ultimate attack for nearly a minute before finally releasing it on Goku. Electricity flows through Goku's body as he is lifted into the air. Jackie tells Goku to give up, or he will die. Goku refuses, and Jackie powers up his blast further. Goku can no longer take it. "I hate to say it but...I give..." says Goku. In mid-sentence, Goku sees the full moon, and transforms into his Oozuru form. Goku breaks free of Jackie's shocking technique and begins to devastate the arena. The crowd flees in terror, as Goku hurls chunks of the main building at them. Having no other choice, Jackie decides to use his Chou-Kamehameha. His shirt rips off as his muscles bulge out from the power-up. Despite opposition form Goku's friend, Jackie unleashes his ultimate Kamehameha. As the smoke clears, Goku is no where to be found. Goku's friends believe he was vaporized by Jackie's blast. Suddenly, Goku emerges from the rubble of the demolished Budoukai building. His friends are overjoyed. Jackie reveals that he was never aiming for Goku, but rather the Moon, which is not gone from the sky. At this point Goku is totally nude, which causes quite a stir among some of the remaining female audience members who haven't "Seen one before." The announcer calls for a short intermission while Goku changes into Krillin's GI. After changing, the match resumes. Goku's stomach growls, he lets hit guard down, and Jackie attempts to fire a Kamehameha at Goku. However, the blast fails as Jackie it totally drained of his ki. Taking advantage of the situation, Goku unleashes a Kamehameha of his own. Jackie is forced to leap into the air to avoid it. Goku follows Jackie and kicks him in midair. Without his Kamehameha, Jackie thinks he will surely fall out of bounds. Jackie approaches the ground just outside of the arena, but at the last possible second, he kicks his foot into the lip of the raised arena, saving him from going out of bounds. Jackie climbs back into the arena. At this point, both fighters are completely drained of their ki, and can no longer perform any energy attacks. They will have to rely on hand-to-hand combat. The worn out contestants charge each other, and exchange a series of equally fierce blows. Jackie realizes that his only chance is to knock Goku out. Both opponents charge each other, leap into the air, and exchange kicks. The force of each fighter's kick sends the other flying across the arena. Both fighters are downed for a count of ten. Since neither fighter is able to stand after the ten second time limit, it is decided that whoever can stand up completely, smile, and say "I guess I win" will be declared the winner. Goku nearly succeeds, but falls back to the ground after saying "I guess I..." Jackie then rises, smiles, says " guess I win", and is proclaimed the winner.

That evening, Roshi treats the whole gang to dinner, saying that Goku has earned it. Goku eats enough food for 50 people, and runs up a bill of 470,000 zeni. With only 30,000 zeni left, Roshi's hopes of getting some of the playboy bunnies are dashed.


Dragonball - 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai Info


Series: Dragon Ball
Date: May 7th, 753(4?) A.D.
Total Entrants: 182
Finalists: 8
Winner: Tien
Runner-up: Goku
Prize Money: 500,000 Zeni

Daizenshuu Chart

The 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai took place about 3 or 4 years after 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. This year, the tournament attracted a very large crowd as the previous years tournament was extremely exciting.

The 8 finalists were decided by an eight block preliminary battle round. Each block consisted of 23 approximately fighters. A total of about 182 preliminary matches took place. The preliminary rounds were held in a room concealed from the Tenkaichi Budoukai spectators. The 8 finalists fought in an open square in the center of a small stadium.

During the first round of the finals, Yamcha is to face Tien, Jackie Chun is to face Man-wolf, Krillin will face Chiaotzu, and Goku will fight Panputto.

Round 1: Yamcha vs. Tien:
Yamcha and Tien bluster some more. The announcer introduces Yamcha and Tien. The two old men glare at and insult one another. One audience member realizes that this is an impressive situation. Yamcha's friends cheer him on, and Yamcha wants them to watch him. Then the two fighters say that this will be fun. The fight starts. Yamcha says it's ok to try to escape, and Tien laughs. Krillin calls the enemy a wimpy dancer, Goku thinks that Tien is really strong, and Bulma and Puar expect the boy to win. After the first exchange, the crowd is speechless, Krillin is impressed, and Goku likes both of them. Tien wasn't expecting Yamcha to be this good -- it's been a long time since he's fought someone this fast. This is when Yamcha announces "New Wolf Wind Attack." Tien says, "interesting!" They attack again. When Yamcha gets knocked down, Krillin and Goku are concerned, Tsuru gloats. Yamcha gets serious, Krillin wants to know what he's doing, and Goku replies "Kamehameha." Jackie calls Yamcha a fool for trying this. The Kamehameha attack works, but Tien merely focuses, and blows the blast back at him. None of Master Roshi's group can believe this. Yamcha leaps up, but as he curses Tien, and Goku yells out his warning, Tien appears. When Yamcha lands, unconscious, Goku yells out "stop!" However, Tien continues his attack and fractures the former desert bandit's leg.
The announcer needs some prompting to declare Yamcha out of the ring. competition, and Tien the winner.

Round 2: Jackie Chun vs. Man-Wolf:
Next, the announcer introduces the reigning champion, Jackie Chun, and the Man-wolf. Man-wolf explains that he's mad at Jackie for having destroyed the moon in the last Tenkaichi Budoukai. The guy had fallen in love with a beautiful human female, but since he can't turn into human form, he's had to stop seeing her. Jackie asks about beautiful wolf-women, and apparently those are all ugly. The announcer asks if he can start the next round. Jackie isn't interested in fighting the guy, which makes Man-wolf angrier. Tien talks about wanting to win the competition, and Krillin and Goku comment on how their opponents can float in the air. Then, while Man-wolf says he's going to kill Jackie, the old man merely comments on the beautiful women in the audience. The first time that the man-wolf gets dropped, the count starts. In the audience, the Umi-game and Oolong notice that Jackie acts just like Master Roshi. Pulling out a knife, Man-wolf attacks, and the announcer says that this isn't allowed. Man-wolf tells him to shut up. But, the knife attack fails, and Jackie says he can turn the guy human through the power of suggestion. Man-wolf doesn't believe this, and Jackie starts treating him like a dog which makes the guy furious, because he's not a dog, he's a wolf. But, he keeps falling for it. After shaking hands and sitting up, the guy chases after the bone. And loses the match.

In a rage, the guy re-enters the ring to kill Jackie, but is paralyzed so that the older man can show him the moon. Krillin sees where this trick is going, and is insulted by it. Jackie tells the wolf to look at the full moon, and when he sees it, he turns into a man. He goes running out to find beautiful women, but is so ugly as a human that Jackie and Krillin don't know why he'd bothered to change.

Round 3: Chiaotzu vs. Krillin:
The announcer then states that the next match is between Tsuru's student -- "Chiaotzu, and Master Roshi's student -- Full-Moon Head Krillin." The third match starts, but Chiaotzu doesn't seem to notice or show any fighting spirit. He then suddenly zips forward, and knocks Krillin around. Krillin disappears, and Tien yells out "On your left!" Chiaotzu responds with "I eat with chopsticks in my right hand, the tea cup in my left, so he's... here!" But, he's too slow and Krillin hits him. By flying out of the ring, Chiaotzu reaches safety -- if Krillin leaps after the other boy, he'll fall outside of the ring and be disqualified. Jackie fumes over the effectiveness of Tsuru's techniques. Gloating, Tien calls Jackie a bastard, and Goku replies that it's not "bastard," it's "old man." Then, Chaozu announces his "surprise attack. He uses Dodonpa. Krillin doesn't know what's happening, but Goku says it's the same thing Tao Pai Pai used. This gets Tien's attention, and he wants Goku to repeat that last sentence. Goku says he'd fought Tai Pai Pai, and asks why. Tien knows the assassin. But, Tien just walks off. Goku calls him a weird guy. After this, Jackie asks if Goku really had defeated Tao Pai Pai, and is stunned when Goku says he doesn't lie about things like that, "He beat the world's greatest assassin..." Jackie tells Goku that Tao-Pai Pai is Tsuru's younger brother.

Back in the ring, Krillin is getting frustrated, and Chiaotzu expects to win. Tien rushes up to his teacher and wants to say something important, but the other man doesn't like being interrupted when he's having fun. Krillin wishes that he could do Kamehameha, too, then realizes that if Yamcha could do it, he should be able to as well. His first attempt is very feeble, as he tries to remember the hand actions. Tsuru is furious at hearing about what happened to his little brother, and tells Chiaotzu to get serious. Jackie is worried, but Goku doesn't know what this means. Then, Krillin prepares to use Kamehameha as Chiaotzu announces one last Dodonpa attack. Goku thinks this is great, but Jackie knows that Dodonpa will overpower Kamehameha every time. The two fighters are about to unleash their powers...

Jackie repeats the statement that Dodonpa will always win as the two fighters set up their attacks, and yells that Krillin will be killed. However, Krillin has gotten smarter in the last 3 years, and shouts out "Now" when he leaps. It looks like he's won, but Chiaotzu wobbles back into the ring. Jackie is very proud of his boy. Tien is just pissed. But, as Krillin starts getting in some good punches, Chiaotzu paralyzes his heart. Telepathically, Tsuru praises his student, and tells him to kill Krillin, which the dwarf happily proceeds to do. Chiaotzu says "Die!" and Krillin replies that his head isn't a soccer ball. Krillin assumes that Chiaotzu has to concentrate on the paralysis, and if he has to use his hands for something else, the control will be broken. So, he says, "What's 3+4?" The control breaks, and he gets in one good punch before it's restored. Tien is relieved, but Tsuru calls the boy an idiot. Chiaotzu thinks the trick will work in reverse and asks for 16+27. Krillin gets it right and wants to know 9-1. Chiaotzu falls for it again, and panics as he counts on his fingers. Krillin wins and tells the crowd that the answer is "8".

Round 4: Panputto vs. Goku:
The next round starts, with Panputto making a flashy entry. He's a multiple-time world fighting champion, and is well-known. However, when he first punches at Goku, he asks if the punch was too fast for him to follow. Goku says it wasn't much of a punch, so Panputto demonstrates his great speed and power. But, when he attacks Goku again, the boy's light tap to the chest completely knocks the man out. The announcer goes ape over the single-punch KO, and Goku wins. Tien disagrees, saying that Goku actually got in three shots with his left elbow. He's impressed, and since Goku also claims to have beaten Tao Pai Pai, he really wants to face him in the ring.

Round 5: Jackie Chun vs. Tien:
The next round and the announcer calls out Jackie's and Tien's name. When the match starts, Krillin expects Jackie to win easily, but Goku knows that Tien is really strong. The boy can't say who will win. The two fighters are about evenly matched, then Jackie tries a trick that Tien recognizes as "One-Pattern." However, Tien's third eye lets him find the real target over the illusions. Jackie tells Tien to attack, and the other guy says "Can you see the real hands, old man!?" When they separate again, Goku knows that this is a great fight, the audience is stunned, Tien thinks that it's time to show his real power, and Jackie believes that although Tien is strong, he's not an experienced fighter.

Jackie asks Tien why he has trained under Tsuru, and Tien replies that his master is not merely a bad man. Then, Tien says he's about to get serious now -- Jackie doesn't know what this means. People scream in pain as he unleashes the Solar Flare technique. While Jackie is blinded, Tien drops him. Afterward, he says that since he's not a killer, Jackie isn't dead. The announcer describes the events, saying that Jackie is unconscious and starts the count. But, Jackie stands up. Goku's eyes start to recover, Jackie says that people should stop calling him an old man, Tien wants to know who Jackie really is, and Jackie replies, "That you has a lot to learn about your master." This makes Tien mad. In the next lull, Jackie asks if that's the best Tien can do. They taunt each other some more, and Goku realizes that the announcer's sunglasses work against Tien's light attack. Jackie asks Tien if he enjoys training under a man like Tsuru, and Tsuru suddenly telepaths a message to Tien that Jackie is really Master Roshi.

Tien says he's going to show Jackie something interesting, and Roshi asks if Tien has etchi magazines. Tien tells him to shut up and watch him start up with Kamehameha. This could kill people, so Jackie deflects the blast safely. Goku is impressed, Krillin and the announcer are stunned. Tien says that Kamehameha is easy enough to do, but Dodonpa is stronger. However, Roshi simply says, "You know a lot of tricks, and it's been fun." Then, jumps out of the ring to forfeit the match. Tsuru thinks that the old man was afraid of losing, and is happy; but Tien knows better and can't understand why this happened.

Round 6: Krillin vs. Goku:
Then round 6 starts. Master Roshi explains that he doesn't like fighting against people that have bad training. The other guy says he was trained by the world's greatest assassin, Tao Pai Pai, which Master Roshi says proves his point. Goku and Krillin fight, then pause to comment on each other's improved speed and strength, while the audience goes "wow..." Krillin uses his shiny head (Solar Attack from Baldness) to blind Goku, and gloats over the victory until Goku lands and waits for Krillin to join him and be vulnerable to a punch. Goku says he's going to win, but Krillin's blowfish imitation postpones the victory. They both say that this is fun, then attack again. Outside the ring, Master Roshi is berating Goku for not taking this seriously. Goku uses Kamehameha to super-propel his body into Krillin, which knocks Krillin down for the count of three. Krillin gets up and attacks again. He knows he can't win with speed or strength, so he starts Kamehameha, but Goku just tells him that he doesn't want to use Kamehameha himself, but would rather fight with the power of his body. Krillin grins and completes the blast. But, the attack was a fake to let Krillin grab Goku's tail. The boy gloats out loud about this being Goku's only weakness and Goku collapses. Then gets up again, "My tail was with me for the last three years, and it got stronger along with the rest of me." This concerns Master Roshi, because the boy doesn't have any weaknesses anymore. Except for being easily tricked.

Goku gets a little more serious, and disappears which shocks everyone except Tien. There's a loud sonic-boom sound coming from the ring, and Tien knows that this is Goku jumping left and right so fast as to be invisible. When Goku reappears right in front of Krillin, the element of surprise sends his friend out of the ring. Goku wins, but the crowd just stands there, trying to figure out what had just happened. Tien, Tsuru, and Master Roshi just get lost in their own thoughts.

Final Round: Goku vs. Tien:
The announcer welcomes everyone to the main event of this, the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, and re-introduces Master Roshi's Goku, and Tsuru's Tien. Master Roshi wants to get closer to watch the fight, and finds Krillin, who says that this area is only open to the fighters. Master Roshi tells him that they'll watch from here together. Chiaotzu wonders who will win, and Tsuru won't rest until the killer of his little brother loses. It starts, and they fight until Tien uses Dodonpa. Which just causes Goku to use his disappearing act again. This time, though, his opponent can see where he is. Master Roshi remarks on how Tien's punches sound like a machine gun, and Krillin calls out Goku's name. Finally, Tien says it's ended, and he hopes that Goku will like it in heaven.

Chiaotzu is overwhelmed, and Tsuru is glad that the boy will be dead soon. But, instead of delivering the death blow, Tien practices Haikyuu-ken ("volleyball technique,") and spikes Goku into the ground. Tsuru says "he's dead..." Then Goku hops up, and the Tsuru shouts "im... impossible!!!" Goku says that he's glad Tien is so strong. Then, Goku tell Tien he gets a rush in combat when someone tries to kill him. Tien is intrigued, and challenges Goku to show him this thing. So, Goku does. At the end, when Tien is most vulnerable, Goku starts his Kamehameha, but then stops it in the middle. Tien lands, and Goku asks him how he feels. Tien says that he can feel the power from the crowd, and Goku understands. Krillin wants to know why his stupid friend stopped the Kamehameha, and is told that Goku has learned to conserve his energy from the last Tenkaichi Budoukai.

The announcer is going wild describing the fight. Then, Goku announces "fist from above," which leads to: Attack from behind, Behind attack from behind, to Behind the behind attack from behind. Goku is stunned that Tien can still stand. And, it's now time for the Solar Flare again. Tien lunges while Goku is blinded, but can't believe that he's the one who's been dropped. Goku took the glasses off of Master Roshi's face. The count starts, then, when Goku thanks his master for the sunglasses, Tien blindsides him. "You really are a bastard." The glasses are busted. Now, it's time for both of them to get serious.

Without the glasses, Master Roshi reminds Krillin of someone he's just seen. The Roshi tells Krillin to shut up and watch the match. Goku comes in with the attack, but he freezes up, and gets dropped. Goku curses, and Tien is wondering what happened. Master Roshi thinks that Tsuru has something to do with it. They try again, and Tsuru says, "Now," and Chiaotzu responds. Goku freezes up and gets dropped again. He almost gets knocked out of the ring, and uses Kamehameha to save himself. The process repeats itself. The announcer starts the count. Tien can't believe this. Tsuru thinks out "kill him, kill him, kill him!!" Tien doesn't want to win this way and the count is up to six. But, this is not a matter of honor, it's a matter of destroying Tao Pai Pai's killer. At the eight-count, Tien shouts out "Stop it!!!" Chiaotzu loses his concentration, and the announcer is confused. Goku gets up, leaving the announcer more confused. Goku wants to drop the bastard, but Master Roshi calls out to him to wait. Tien says that he can't kill, that he's not an assassin. This is an act of treason, and Tsuru tells Chiaotzu to kill both fighters. But, Tien is Chiaotzu's friend, so Tsuru gets ready to kill the little fighter. Tien yells out Chiaotzu's name, and is told to move. Master Roshi's Kamehameha blast whips by and knocks Tsuru out of the city.

With that out of the way, the fight can continue. But now, Tien can't possibly let himself lose, and he prepares for his next big attack. Chiaotzu thinks he's going to use a different attack, and tells his friend not to do it. Tien says that he's not a killer, and Goku allows that the guy may not be all bad. As Tien grows another set of arms and everyone wonders what he's trying to do, Chiaotzu is relieved that he isn't doing Kikou Hou. The extra set of arms impresses Goku, and they start again. The extra set allows Tien to control Goku's arms and legs. But, not his tail. Tien comments on this, and Goku replies that while Tien had 4 arms, he has 8. Goku uses the same high-speed fighting technique that Chapa had. This surprises everyone but Master Roshi, who is pleased.

Tien gets roughed up, and is losing patience with "the shrimp." So, he loses the extra arms to concentrate on his real, final technique. He will kill Goku. Chiaotzu screams out "Kikou Hou -- Tien, stop it!!" Master Roshi also realizes what's happening, and thinks that Tien plans on a suicide attack. Krillin asks what's going on, and Master Roshi answers that Kikou Hou is a very powerful attack, but if you make even the slightest mistake, it'll kill both your target, and yourself. But, Tien reassures Chiaotzu that he's not planning on dying. The announcer goes wild describing the events, and Goku says that he's not going to run away from this attack, causing Master Roshi to call him an idiot. Tien gets ready to go, and Goku waits for it.

The audience wonders what's going on, and Chiaotzu yells out "Tien, don't die!" Krillin asks if Goku will be killed, and Master Roshi answers that even if he isn't, Goku will be disqualified for landing outside of the ring. Tien's hands start glowing with the power channeled from his body, which impresses Goku, and he concentrates on the fighting ring, then yells out, "Kikou Hou!!!!" Goku doesn't know what to do, Master Roshi tells him to avoid the blast, and Chiaotzu prays to god. When the crowd's eyes recover, the fighting ring is gone, and no one can find Goku. Then, Chiaotzu says that both of them are still alive. Tien realizes that he has to climb higher up. Goku is more impressed, and realizes that Tien had tried to kill him. But, Tien can float, and the ring is now gone, so when Goku lands it will be outside of the ring, and he'll lose. Tien wonders if Goku can grow wings quickly (That's funny).

However, while Tien had used up everything he had in the Kikou Hou, Goku still has one attack left -- Kamehameha. Which is fine by Tien, because he can handle the blast and still float while Goku still falls. Everyone thinks that Goku is wasting his time, but the boy turns around at the last moment, and uses the blast to smash himself into Tien. This Tien can't handle, and the two fall at the same rate. Master Roshi is surprised, and Tien realizes that he's blown it. The announcer uses a capsule to make a flyer-cycle so that he can keep an eye on the two fighters. Goku will hit the ground first, so he musters the last of his Kamehameha power to slow his descent just enough. The announcer is describing this, and Yamcha cheers from inside the hospital. Then, a truck comes down the street, Goku slams into it, and then into the ground. Tien touches the ground second, and wins the match. The announcer then says "farewell until the next time in 3 years," to the departing crowd.

Dragonball - 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai Info


Series: Dragon ball
Date: May 7, 756 A.D.
Total Entrants: 72
Finalists: 8
Winner: Goku
Runner-up: Piccolo
Prize Money: 500,000 Zeni

Daizenshuu Chart

The 8 finalists were decided by an eight block preliminary battle round. Each block consisted of exactly 9 fighters. A total of 64 preliminary matches took place. The preliminary rounds were held in a room concealed from the Tenkaichi Budoukai spectators. The 8 finalists fought in an open square in the center of a small stadium.

Round 1: Tao Pai Pai vs. Tien:
Goku gives the reluctant fighter encouragement, and Tao Pai Pai promises to only half-kill the triclops. Lunch doesn't want Tien to lose, and the first round starts. However, Tien easily evades the first attack, and drops Tao with a light tap. Tao Pai Pai laughs it off, and Tien asks him to stop the harassment. Tao thinks Tien is afraid of him, but Tien shows that he is faster and says that he's stronger than the assassin. Tao doesn't believe this, either, and keeps attacking. In the next lull, Tien asks Tao Pai Pai to understand that he doesn't want to fight against Tsuru's family, but that he doesn't plan on losing, either. Tao Pai Pai accuses Tien of kidding around, and detaches his hand to attack with a blade. The announcer disqualifies Tao Pai Pai for using a weapon, but the assassin tells the guy to shut up, and he's not going play fair while killing Tien. Tsuru yells out to kill Tien, too. Goku, Yamcha, and Krillin plan on helping out, but Tien stops them, saying that this is his problem to solve.

Tao's other arm contains a cannon with a Super Dodonpa attack. Master Roshi tells the triclops to escape, while Tao Pai Pai describes the power and fury of Super Dodonpa -- and that there's no use in trying to run away. Tien's energy scares off Tao, who leaps back to put more space between them, before firing. Tsuru shouts out "Die!!!!" But, Tao Pai Pai can't believe that the Super Dodonpa was stopped by Tien just using his kiai (the shout you make when punching or kicking someone.) While Tao is trying to understand this, Tien knocks him unconscious. Goku states that he knew the triclops was impressive, being able to drop Tao Pai Pai with one blow. Tien gives the body to the terrified Tsuru, and tells his ex-master to please stop bothering him and his friends. The old man flies off with his brother, promising revenge.

Round 2: Goku vs. Tokumei Kibou:
Then, the announcer introduces round 2, between former fighter Son Goku and the female combatant Tokumei Kibou. Goku still doesn't know why she's angry with him, and thinks that she's mistaken him for someone else -- but there is only the one Goku. No one else knows who she is, either, but Roshi likes that fact that she's very cute. Then round 2 starts. Goku asks if they'd really met before, and she goes on about taking a "maiden's heart," and breaking their promise. Goku doesn't remember any promise, and Master Roshi recognizes her attack style as being from his own school. Goku asks what the promise was for, and the girl tells him "to be your bride." The others repeat "bride!!!?" Goku asks what "bride" means.

Krillin angrily yells back that it means Goku is supposed to get married to the girl. Goku still can't remember this, and the girl says that she'll tell him if he wins. He asks for her name, but that has to wait, too. This is when Oolong gloats over knowing who the girl is, stating that Yamcha, Bulma, Roshi, and Puar had all met her at the same time. Goku warns the girl that he's going to attack, and she dares him to. But, Goku is a lot faster and stronger than anyone expected, and he blows her right out of the ring. Winning his round. The announcer doesn't understand what happened, and Master Roshi explains that it was the force of the air that hit her. Goku asks if the girl is ok (she says "ow ow ow,") and Piccolo Jr. has noticed that Goku's attack is very close to his own style (ie -- Goku has trained under Kami.) The girl crawls back into the ring, and states that she is the Ox King's daughter, Chi Chi.

The group is stunned, except for Oolong, who gloats over being right. Goku remembers and now realizes "bride" isn't a kind of food. He says "sure, let's get married," and Chi Chi latches on to him (he objects to this part,) as the announcer yells out that the two fighters are going to get married. Chi Chi replies that it's a "husband and wife" thing. Goku takes a moment to warn Krillin about the next fight.

Round 3: Ma Jr. vs. Krillin:
The announcer introduces Krillin and Ma Jr. (Demon Junior). Krillin calls the demon a "prissy bastard," and Ma Jr.'s reply of "small fry" amuses Krillin. The little guy's attack form has everyone bewildered, before he releases a pair of energy blasts. Ma isn't impressed, but becomes very surprised to find the blasts following him. Ma gloats after taking out the blasts with his eye beams, not noticing Krillin getting ready to punch him. Goku is impressed.

The announcer is surprised that Ma Jr. can levitate. Piccolo laughs off the attack, making Krillin mad. The little guy attacks, and Piccolo tells him to keep coming, before punting Krillin out of the ring. Piccolo thinks it's ended, but it turns out that Krillin had taught himself to levitate during his recent training. Goku is very impressed, and the announcer comments on this. Piccolo apologizes for calling him a small fry, and states that he's going to show his real power -- Krillin looks forward to this. Bulma is rooting for Krillin, but Goku warns his friend to be very careful (Krillin understands.) Piccolo asks if Krillin is ready, then plans on not only defeating his enemy, but the whole world. Everyone waits, Krillin wonders what the attack will be, and then Piccolo grabs him with what Tien calls "a moving arm." But, Krillin isn't defeated easily, and Piccolo leaps into the air after the "stubborn guy." Krillin realizes that this is his last chance, and starts up Kamehameha. Again, Piccolo thinks the fight has ended, but gets the blast full in the face. However, Piccolo announces "Zanzoken," and Goku yells out "Behind You!!" It's too late.

Piccolo lands next to Krillin's inert body, complaining that now that he's killed his enemy, the fun has come to an end. Then, Krillin stands up, only to collapse again and surrender. The announcer goes wild, stating that Piccolo has won this round. Everyone cheers Krillin, and Piccolo thinks that he's unbeatable.

Round 4: Yamcha vs. Shen:
It's now time for round 4, between Yamcha and Shen -- this is the last of the first round finals, with the winner going on to the second round. As Shen walks out, no one can seriously believe that he's a real fighter. Krillin calls Yamcha lucky for getting to face such a wimp. The fight is expected to go fast, and Shen politely says, "glad to meet you." However, in the crowd, Yajirobe knows better -- that Shen isn't what he seems. Goku also senses something strange about the old man, but can't say what it is when Krillin asks him about it. Then, round 4 starts, and Yamcha lets the guy go first. He apes around a bit, and crowd laughs at him. Then, charging, Shen trips and falls -- getting in a "lucky" kick. Everyone laughs this off, including Yamcha, who wants to finish Shen off fast. So, they try again, with Yamcha attacking, planning on kicking Shen out of the ring. But, the nerd ducks in fear, getting in another "lucky" blow. Yamcha's friends are getting embarrassed, and the announcer makes fun of Yamcha. Shen apologizes and asks if Yamcha is ok. Yamcha pretends that nothing's happened, and Shen claims that he's going to defeat Yamcha. Yamcha disagrees, and challenges the nerd to show real fighting spirit. So, Shen does.

When Yamcha gets back up, Shen explains about the concepts of movement. Master Roshi wonders who the nerd is, and Yajirobe thinks "See, he IS good." Yamcha allows that the guy has a point, and states that he'll attack with speed, but Shen still claims that he'll win. Shen likes Yamcha's attack, but reminds the other man that you can use feet, too. The announcer asks who this Shen is, and Yajirobe replies that he knows. Shen tells Yamcha to use smaller movements. Krillin is shocked that Yamcha's attacks aren't hitting, but Bulma wants to know what Yamcha's problem is. Roshi says Shen is strong, Tien adds that he's fast. Shen gives more advice, and Goku is starting to realize who Shen is. Shen acknowledges that Yamcha is strong, but that's not enough. He whispers that he's not human -- Goku can hear this, but not Krillin. Then, Yamcha states that he's going to win with his final technique. He channels his force into his hand, asks how Shen likes this, and attacks with Souki-Dan. The attack misses, because Shen is so fast; Shen is very surprised, and Yamcha asks if Shen is really fast enough. Yamcha continues the attack, and gloats over hitting Shen. Shen's counter and knocks Yamcha out of the ring.

The announcer states that Shen wins, and Goku makes the connection to Shenron -- and finally it clicks that Shen is really Kami in disguise. Shen comments on having been roughed up, and Yamcha and he complement each other.

Round 5: Goku vs. Tien:
It's now time for the second round of matches, between the final four. Starting with the last Budoukai's finalists -- Goku and Tien. The two agree to make an entrance, which the crowd loves. Krillin comments on Goku's spirit, and Chi Chi asks if Tien is very strong. Tien wants to see the results of Kami's training. Goku laughs, and the match starts. They move so fast, even Roshi can't see them. Krillin and Yamcha can follow the action, which stuns Chi Chi (she can't.) Goku uses One-Pattern, and laughs when Tien falls for the old trick.

The announcer states that the two are evenly matched, but Roshi disagrees, thinking that Goku's a little more out of breath. Tien talks about Goku having improved in the last three years, but Tien has improved a lot more, too. Yamcha loses Tien, but Krillin spots the triclops higher up. Goku can see Tien, but can't move fast enough to block him. The announcer finally sees them. Goku almost gets knocked out of the ring, but pulls a fast one to get back to safety. Tien brags that he's going to win, then Goku asks if he can take a moment to remove some clothing. Tien comments that it is a bit warm out, sure.

Goku struggles out of his shirt, and drops it. Tien asks if he can look at the shirt for a moment, and is shocked at how heavy it is. Between the wrist bands, boots, and shirt, Goku was carrying 100 kg of extra weight (about 220 pounds.) NO one can believe this. It was a part of Kami's training, and was an extension of the turtle shells that Master Roshi had Goku and Krillin wear so long ago. Now that he's a bit lighter, they attack again.

Tien doesn't think that Goku is any faster, until the fighter shows that he'd taken Tien's belt without the Triclops having noticed. Tien can't believe that Goku was that fast, Ma Junior comments on Goku's speed, and everyone else is impressed. Tien blusters, claiming that he'll still win, but Goku asks if he wants to get dressed again, before continuing. After, Tien talks about his superior ability -- Twelve Eyes. Then, Tien clones himself, and Krillin realizes that these are the real things, not a variation of One-Pattern. Goku waits for the attacks -- which are just energy blasts. Tien sees Goku trying to escape, and thinks that he's won. The announcer states that Goku is falling, the others are concerned for their friend.

Tien gloats, but Goku says that he will win in two more moves. Ten thinks that Goku is lying, but agrees to attack again. Piccolo knows that Goku will win. Tien runs to the 4 corners of the ring, and the announcer does a recap. Goku evades the power blasts, but Tien yells that he can still see the guy. This is when Goku says that he's making his first attack -- Solar Flare. The blinding light that Tien used in the last Budoukai. The announcer tells people what's happening, commenting that his sunglasses had protected him. Without his eyes, Tien is helpless, which is part of point Goku wants to make. Goku himself doesn't need his eyes to know that the Tien behind him has the right arm raised for an attack. Goku then announces his second move, which Tien doesn't believe can beat the four of him. Goku says that 2 of the eyes are off, and when Tien checks, Goku states that he's counting on the 4 guys making a mistake. Goku attacks, and wins with all 4 having been knocked out of the ring.

After, he tells Tien that one fast person can beat 4 if the 4 slip up. Everyone else is stunned at how quick the match ended. Yamcha offers his condolences, but Tien is happy with the way the match went (and having been able to fight Goku.) And, Goku hadn't used Kamehameha, either (out of pride.) Ma Junior looks forward to facing Goku.

Round 6: Ma Jr. vs. Shen:
The announcer then introduces match 6, between the two newbies, Ma Junior and Shen. Inside, Shen is worried, and Goku asks Chi Chi to let him speak with Shen for a moment. Part of the problem is the human body Shen has taken over, the other part is Kami's need to defeat Piccolo without killing him. Outside, the announcer is wondering what's taking so long. Ma Junior suggests that Shen ran away out of fear. Krillin notices that Shen is talking to Goku. Shen gives Goku instructions for if he loses, and states that it's good to worry about losing to Piccolo. Then, Shen enters the ring, explaining that he's been in the toilet. Ma Junior still wants the nerd to run away. Krillin asks what Shen had been talking about, but Goku claims it was just Budoukai talk. Then, the announcer starts the fight.

Ma wants to finish off Shen so that he can face Goku, but Shen replies that he's the one that's going to finish off Piccolo. Ma wants to know how Shen knows who he is. Shen's first attack takes Ma by surprise, and the demon wants to know who the hell Shen really is. Ma gets in a few good blows, leaving Krillin speechless.

Shen and Ma Junior trying to stare each other down. Roshi realizes that both are strong, and Yamcha knows that none of them could beat either of those two. Shen curses the weak human body he's using, and mentions a debt. Ma picks this up, and asks about it. Shen tells Ma (in a strange language,) to read his heart. Then, Ma recognizes Kami, who says that he came to earth to fight Ma. The announcer tells everyone that the two are talking in a language that he can't follow. Ma knows that he's safe, but Shen makes a threat that Ma misinterprets as a suicide wish. Then, Shen pulls out a little bottle, further confusing the announcer. Ma finally understands, and Shen invokes Mafuba (Goku is the only one who'd never seen Mafuba before.) However, Shen's human host is weak, and he loses when Ma responds with Mafuba, himself. Kami is stripped from his host, yelling to Goku. Ma thinks that treating him as being the same as Piccolo is a big mistake. Shen is unconscious, and Ma Junior wins the match with the ten-count.

Final Round: Goku vs. Ma Junior:
Then, the announcer introduces the last fight. Krillin hopes that Goku will win, but the hero isn't so sure. Chi Chi doesn't want Goku to die before the marriage. So, Goku stomps to the ring, determined. The announcer describes the upcoming match, Krillin is worried, Ma says that he'll carry out his resolution, and Goku asks "which resolution?" -- "to kill you."

Then the match starts. Only thing you hear are explosions, Goku is down, and the announcer starts the count. But, Ma tells him to stop counting, because Goku is faking it. Goku laughs, and stands up, noticing that his gi (uniform) has been trashed again. They bluster some more, as the friends stare on in worry (and surprise at the level of the fight they're watching.) Krillin comments on the power of Ma's techniques. Goku disappears again, and not even Tien can find him. But, Ma can. However, Goku disappears again, to reappear behind Ma Junior. Ma's next attack will kill lots of the audience, so Goku yells to them to run. But, there's no time. So, Goku leaps up, calling attention to his new location. Ma calls him an idiot, and fires. Goku blows himself out of the way, and Ma Junior gets pissed at having missed. Goku yells at Ma for endangering the people, and prepares to use Mega Kamehameha. Tien and Yamcha don't know what this is, but Roshi yells for Goku to stop, reminding him that killing Ma means killing Kami. Ma asks what's wrong, claiming that there's something to be said for being evil. Ma prepares to kill everyone (Oolong and Bulma hope that he's joking.) Krillin yells out about using the Dragonballs for bringing back Kami later, so don't worry about killing Ma Junior right now. Goku agrees to that. But, Ma knows that Shenron was destroyed by Piccolo 3 years ago. Goku says that Shenron was restored -- the two attackers launch their blasts, with Goku completing Mega Kamehameha.

Ma is taken by surprise, but survives with just some damage to his clothes. Ma is really pissed now, and WILL destroy everyone. Goku can't believe that the demon had survived. The announcer describes the attack, and notices something. Without the turban, Ma looks just like... The Great Demon King, Piccolo. Ma says that he IS Piccolo. And, after he defeats Goku, he'll rule the world. 2 seconds later, the place is deserted. The announcer leaps over the wall to continue describing the action, and Bulma calls him "a real pro."

Goku tells his friends to move farther back. Tien tells Goku not to die, and Goku says that he won't. Ma blusters some more, then tells Goku to watch the next technique. Ma Junior is now Big Ma, and he laughs while trying to kill Goku. Goku's leap takes him the wrong way, and he knows he's blown it just before being slapped to the ground. Tien wants to help, but Goku says that this is his fight. Ma gloats. Roshi is worried, but Goku states that it's really a good thing that Ma has become a giant. Ma doesn't understand this, but Goku continues attacking. So, Ma becomes even bigger. Ma asks how Goku likes this, now. Bulma and Oolong run for cover. The announcer describes Ma as a mountain. Yamcha tells Goku to escape, but the hero leaps up and uses Kamehameha to propel himself into Ma's mouth. When Goku is spit back out, he throws the bottle to Tien to open. Ma realizes that he'd been tricked, and Kami is released. Bulma, Oolong, and the announcer think that they are looking at Piccolo. Kami is filled in on the details, and Ma Junior is forced to return to normal size (apparently, with Kami bottled up, Ma didn't have any restrictions on his powers.)

So, Goku and Ma fight again, and not even Kami can see them moving. Then, they're visible high above the ring. Goku is knocked out of the sky, but uses his feet to fire off Kamehameha and continue fighting. This takes everyone by surprise, but Roshi realizes that there's no reason NOT to use your feet with Kamehameha. Goku gets zapped, and is about to be killed when Kami blocks the punch. Goku tells Kami that this is still the Budoukai, and they have to abide by the rules of the Budoukai, even when the fate of the world is at stake. Kami fumes about this, but Goku tells Ma to continue the punch. They bluster some more, and Goku states that he knows all of the techniques that Ma can use. So, Ma pulls out a controllable blast (Chou Baku Retsu Ma Ha) that Goku wasn't expecting. He uses 'Ha' to move out of the way, and then (after Ma tells him that he can't escape) Goku stands and waits for the blast to get closer to him. Then, he runs between Ma's legs.

Goku asks Ma to surrender, having suffered damage to his left arm. But, Ma is the incarnation of Piccolo (and can regenerate limbs) and has no intention of surrendering. Ma gets ready to fight back, and Goku tells everyone to run away. Ma's focused energy impresses Goku. And starts pushing back the others. Goku tells them escape -- take a plane, leave the island. Bulma yells at him for this, and Goku says that he's staying put. Kami tells him to not be stupid, to abandon the Budoukai and save himself. But, there's not enough time for the group to flee. So, Tien uses Kikou Hou to create a large pit for them to hide in. Krillin tell Goku to not be unreasonable (stupid,) which stuns Kami. Lunch tells Kami to not just stand there, and kicks the god into the trench. Yelling out "Die!!!!", Ma attacks.

After, he gloats, thinking it's over, but Krillin yells out, "Goku." Ma Junior can't believe this. Krillin tells the people in the rubble-filled pit that Goku is still alive. Goku claims he'll win soon. There is cheering, and Ma tells Goku to wait, asking what he's going to do. Goku attacks. As he readies Kamehameha again, Krillin shouts out for people to duck.

Goku tells the announcer to come look into the new pit. The guy asks if Ma is dead, and Kami replies that his continuing existence is proof that Ma is still alive. The announcer starts counting, and gets up to "nine." Goku lowers his guard, and Ma's mouth blast takes Goku through the chest. Everyone screams, and Ma exacts revenge for Piccolo. When the group tries to interfere, Ma warns them off -- the next time, he'll kill them. The fighting continues, and both of Goku's legs get broken. Ma blasts Goku's good arm, and gets ready for the last shot.

Kami tells Tien to kill him -- if Kami dies, Ma Junior will die before he can kill Goku. It's ok, because the Dragonballs can be used to wish Kami back to life, later. But, Goku tells them to stop bickering, because he's about to win.

The group thinks that Goku is joking. Then, Ma fires his biggest attack yet. Piccolo yells out that Goku can't move his arms and legs, and he fires a major blast at his prey. Krillin yells out Goku's name, and then Piccolo gloats over the destruction and his triumph over Goku. He claims that he's the greatest, and people stand dumbfounded until Krillin asks Tien if they see the same thing -- it's Goku, heading on a flat trajectory (the gang yells out that Goku has learned how to fly.) The man yells out "You lose!!!!" and then he hits. Goku asks the announcer if Piccolo is out of the ring -- this is true, and Goku wins the Budoukai.

Dragonball Z - 24th Tenkaichi Budoukai Info


Series: Dragon Ball Z
Date: May 7, 767 A.D.
Total Entrants: Over 100
Finalists: Between 12 & 16

Adult Finals: Mr. Satan vs. Jewel
Adult Division Winner: Mr. Satan
Adult Runner-up: Jewel
Prize Money: 1st Place - 500,000 Zeni

Junior Finals: Videl vs. (Unknown)
Junior Division Winner: Videl
Junior Division Runner-up: Unknown

Not a lot is known about the 24th Budoukai because we never see it in the series except through brief flashbacks.

Dragonball Z - 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai Info


Series: Dragon ball Z
Date: May 7, 774 A.D.
Adult Division Entrants: 194
Adult Division Finalists: 16
Adult Division Winner: Mr. Satan
Adult Division Runner-up: Android 18

Junior Division Entrants: 35
Junior Division Winner: Trunks
Junior Division Runner-up: Goten
Prize Money: 10,000,000 Zeni

Daizenshuu Chart

After taking some time off from school to train for the Budoukai, Gohan joined all the others went to the island where the tournament would be held. At arrival every one meets up with Piccolo and Goku, who was granted one day back alive (he died fighting Cell) to fight in the tournament. Piccolo lets every one know that Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu wouldn't be joining them. That's also the case for Yamcha. The elimination rounds have been done away with and replaced with a punching machine. As the reigning champion, Mr. Satan automatically qualifies and goes first on the punching machine to set a score.

In the previous (24th) Tenkaichi Budoukai there was also a change regarding children: they now have their own division (unlike Tenkaichi Budoukai #21 to #23 in which Goku competed as a child against all sorts of opponents). Goten and Trunks get upset because they are forced to fight in the juniors division.

Unlike some of the previous tournament a punching machine was used to decide who goes on to fight. The people with the top scores move on (of course all the z-fighters (excluding Vegeta) hit the machine softly so they didn't break it.

Known Punching Machine Scores:
Contestant number 1 (probably) Mr. Satan - Score: 137
Contestant number 6 (n/a) - Score: 97
Contestant number 16 (n/a) - Score: 77
Contestant number 83 (n/a) - Score: 112
Contestant number 84 Android 18 (1st Try) - Score: 774
Contestant number 84 Android 18 (2nd Try) - Score: 203
Contestant number 85 Krillin - Score: 192
Contestant number 86 Goku - Score: 186
Contestant number 87 Ma Junior (Piccolo) - Score: 210
Contestant number 88 Vegeta - Score: Blows up the Machine

Junior Division:
The junior division starts. Goten and Trunks beat two brothers called Idasa and Ikose with ease, and start fighting it out in the finals and impress everyone with their ability to transform into super Saiyans (although those were mistakes; the Saiyans had agreed not to use super Saiyan transformations in the tournament). Trunks eventually wins by knocking Goten out of the ring.

Bonus: Trunks vs. Mr. Satan:
After a typical Mr. Satan Show-introduction, Satan tries to convince Trunks to let him (trunks) win because it was clear he didn't stand a chance against him. After Trunks refuses, he fakes a leg injury, but miraculously gets well when people start calling for a doctor. After this little pause he gets he idea to let Trunks win in a manner that would look like he did it on purpose. To achieve this he says to Trunks that it's custom to give the opponent a light tap on the face before the match. After this talk the match begins and Mr. Satan gives Trunks a 'free first hit'. Trunks hits him and by doing so sends him flying into the wall. Despite a lot of pain, Mr. Satan manages to get up and tell the crowd that Trunks had beaten him. Of course, everybody thinks that Satan let Trunks win.

Gohan meanwhile tries desperately to keep Videl from finding out that her dad is a weakling. While everybody is eating Goten and Trunks sneak off and find this guy called Mighty Mask. He was one of the finalists who were going to fight in the tournament. His costume was a big mask with a cape. They decide to knock him out and steal his uniform so they could fight in the adult tournament. After a little getting used to Goten and Trunks get their act together and figure out how to work together so the could look like one person under the Mighty Mask suit.


1st Fight - Krillin vs. Punta:
Before the match starts, Punta tell Krillin that he's not only big, but also very strong. Krillin, of course, isn't much impressed with him. The match starts and Krillin, after hitting Punta several times, kick his opponent out of the arena. Krillin wins.

2nd Fight - (Kaio)Shin vs. Ma Junior:
Ma Junior (Piccolo's alias) finds out that the guy he's supposed to fight (Shin) is in fact the Supreme Kai. (Note: the Kaioshin are seen as the highest gods in the Dragonball universe, and thus superior to the Kai and Kami). He's very nervous when the match starts, and when Shin reads his thoughts, it is the reason for Piccolo to forfeit the match before it begins.

3rd Fight - Videl vs. Spopovich:
The tournament finally really starts with Videl and Spopovitch. Videl seems to do well at first, but after a while everyone realizes that Spopovitch is unusually strong. (note: In the 24th tournament Mr. Satan defeated him in the first round). Videl leads an all out attack on Spopovitch and kicks him in the head and turns his head completely around. Videl is about to be disqualified because she killed Spopovitch, but as she is getting ready to leave the ring Spopovitch gets up and turns his head around. Videl, still very confused by what's going on, gets hit and almost falls out of the ring, but manages to fly before hitting the ground (Mr. Satan gets the shock of his life seeing his daughter fly). The counter-attack of Spopovitch is brutal. Videl gets severely beaten and tries to get a break by flying up in the air. To everybody's surprise Spopovitch flies after her and with an energy-blast sends her back to the arena floor. She's then knocked unconscious and thrown out of the ring, purely because Spopovitch partner Yamu tells him that she's not his real target. The match ends and Gohan carries Videl off to be healed.

4th Fight - Kibito vs. Great Saiyaman (Interupted):
Before the match begins, Gohan's secret identity as the Great Saiyaman is revealed by his friends, and he ends the masquerade. Kibito, an unknown fighter who is partners with Shin, request a surprised Gohan to transform into a super Saiyan. At the same time the other Z warriors learn that Shin and Kibito are Kaioshin. The crowd goes wild when Gohan transforms into a super Saiyan, and after that a super Saiyan 2, releasing enormous energy discharges. Kibito is overwhelmed by the energy-level. At this moment Spopovitch and Yamu storm in and manage to steal Gohan's energy and leave.

After Kibito restores Gohan's energy, Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, Supreme Kai, Kibito and Gohan decide to follow Spopovitch and Yamu in order to find out what their plans are. Vegeta, who was really looking forward to his match against Goku, decides to come along too, so they could start their fight sooner.

The next matches do not take place:
5th Fight - Son Goku vs. Vegeta (both leave)
6th Fight - Mr. Satan vs. Android #18
7th Fight - Jewel vs. Yamu (Yamu leaves)
8th Fight - Mighty Mask vs. Killer

With half of the contestants leaving the tournament, panic seems to be a good option for the Tournament Announcer. But just when he wants to call off the tournament, Mr. Satan comes up with the idea of a 'Battle Royale': the remaining five contestants all fight at the same time, and whoever wins the match, wins the tournament.

Battle Royale:
Direct after the battle begins, Jewel gets kicked out of the ring by #18, and Killer by Mighty Mask. Mr. Satan realizes that both the other contestants could easily defeat him, and he gets scared. He expects that they go after him, the wotld champion, but Mighty Mask and #18 take little notice of him and start fighting each other.

The fight takes to the air and Might Mask has trouble moving and is hit back to the ring floor. they continue fighting but after a while #18 starts to notice what's going on when she sees Mighty Mask in a bright light like is the case in a super Saiyan transformation. She realizes that it's really Trunks and Goten. Those two attack with a huge energy blast that just misses her and creates a huge explosion. Android #18 decides that a further battle would be too risky and throws an energy disk at Mighty Mask, destroying the costume by cutting it in half. Trunks and Goten's secret is out and Mighty Mask gets disqualified.

Mr. Satan now thinks he's going to die, and makes his testament. #18 grabs hold of the scared Satan and offers him the championship for 20 million Zeni (twice the prize money). It would preserve his reputation, and she would get to earn more money. After thinking it over, Mr. Satan agrees and #18 throws herself at the floor, so it would seem Satan had freed himself. Now certain of winning, Satan fires up the crowd by telling them he now is going to finish the match! He runs towards #18 and hits her with his "Satan-wonder-extra-ultra-super-megaton-punch" in the face. #18 then asks him if that's the best he can do, and Mr. Satan confirms this *g*. With a 5 second delay, #18 flies out of the ring, and Satan than explains to the audience that it's because of a special technique. Satan is declared the winner and is celebrated by the audience.

Dragonball Z: 26th & 27th Tenkaichi Budoukai


26th Tenkaichi Budoukai:
Series: Dragon Ball Z
Date: May 7, 778 A.D
Total Entrants: Unknown
Finalists: Assumed to be 16
Winner: Mr. Satan
Runner-up: Mr. Buu (Majin Buu)

27th Tenkaichi Budoukai:
Series: Dragon Ball Z
Date: May 7, 781 A.D.
Total Entrants: Unknown
Finalists: Assumed to be 16
Winner: Mr. Satan
Runner-up: Mr. Buu (Majin Buu)


Dragonball - 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai Info


Series: Dragon ball Z
Date: May 7, 784 A.D.
Total Entrants: 114
Finalists: 12
Finals: Mr. Satan vs. Mr. Buu
Winner: Mr. Satan
Runner-up: Mr. Buu (Majin Buu)

Daizenshuu Chart

The ending of this Budoukai was never seen, but I will still go over what probably happened. The main reason that Goku is entering the Budoukai is because of some super powerful person who is also entering, but no one knows who. This is there reason why the rest of the Z fighters join the Budoukai. The brackets are set up so that there are 3 brackets of four people. Whoever the survivor from the field of 10 is will end up facing Mr. Satan for the World Championship.

Before the Budoukai starts, The announcer announces the brackets and then the fighters have some time to warm up and most of them stand around and chat. Goten whines because he has to face Buu in the first round and Mou Kekko is mad at having to only fight a little girl. Noku comes up to Vegeta and tells him about how he will lose and so on. So Vegeta, without even turning around punches Noku and sends him flying across the arena and into a wall.

The Tenkaichi Budoukai Starts:
The first match has Pan fighting Mou Kekko. The fight begins and Pan jumps at Kekko and punches him. She then jumps at him again and kicks him out of the ring to win the match. She bows and then walks back to where the rest of the fighters are.

The next match has Goku fighting Uub, who is supposed to be the powerhouse Goku was looking for. As the match starts it is evident that Uub is extremely nervous and neither of the two fighters start to fight, but instead Goku is forced to insult Uub so that he will fight. Finally after making fun of Uub's parents the boy starts to react. Goku flies in and kicks the boy and now Uub is mad. Uub attacks Goku with a kick and a punch, but Goku gets away. Goku is starting to see the boys power however. The two continue to fight and they are destroying the ring not to mention each others clothes. Finally in a fit of rage, Uub's Ki explodes out of him and he blows Goku up into the air. Goku continues to stay in the air, but then realizes that Uub can not fly yet. So he apologizes and comes back down to the ground. Goku then tells his friends that he will he will be leaving. Uub then gets on Goku's back and they go off to train. That is the end to Dragonball Z, however, we still have a Tenkaichi Budoukai going on, so let me just take a stab at what happened and for all intensive purposes, this is what happened.

The Tenkaichi Budoukai Continues, but this is only a prediction:
The next match would have been Captain Chiken vs. Kirano. Now, this is the only match which I can not say who the winner would be, but to be honest it doesn't matter because whoever would win would just lose to Buu in the next round.

The next fight would be Goten vs. Mr. Buu and Mr. Buu would win that match. The next match would have Trunks fighting against Otokosuki and Trunks would win that match and the final 1st round match up would be Vegeta vs. Noku and Vegeta would win that match.

The Second Round:
Now, since Goku and Uub would leave, Pan would automatically win her second round match and advance to the third round. Mr. Buu would fight Captain Chicken/Kirano and would win against either of them. The next match would be Trunks vs. Vegeta and Vegeta would win that match.

The Third and Fourth Round:
Now, Pan would fight against Mr. Buu to see who fought Vegeta and Mr. Buu would win that match. Mr. Buu would then fight against Vegeta and Mr. Buu would win.

The Championship:
Mr. Buu and Mr. Satan would be the final two competitors. As usual Mr. Buu would throw the match (like he probably did in Tenkaichi Budoukai #26 and #27) to Satan so that Satan could maintain his good name.


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