Spot Info Trained
Capsule Space ship During the Freezer Saga, Goku trained here. It's a larger version of the space pod ship Goku traveled in here with when he first reached Earth, only much larger and equipped with a gravity machine. Goku trained in 100x Earth's normal gravity. After the Freezer saga, though, Vegeta trained in a much more advanced ship where he trained in 400x Earth's normal gravity. This is also a training spot during or before the Android saga. Vegeta
Kami's Lookout
Kami's Lookout is an essential role. The Z warriors train here to prepare for the Saiyans to arrive, and was also a training spot back in DB. Kami lives here with his assistant: Mr. Popo.

Chibi Goku

Roshi's Island

Well, we all know this place. Master Roshi lives on the island along with Turtle and a few others, along with a surprising amount of porn. This little island is seen all through out DB/Z.

Adult Goku
Chibi Goku
Room of Spirit and Time
Located on Kami's Lookout, this room is where very some important moments are held. Gohan turns saiyan, Goten and Trunks train here, ect. but anyways, this room allows a person to spend a years time in this demension and only allow 1 day to pass in the next.

Chibi Trunks
Kaio-shins Planet
This mysterious planet is home of Kaio-shin. Only specific people have visited this planet. Gohan comes here for hard training to train for his fight with Buu, and Goku (in DBGT) trains here for his tail to come back.


NOTE:I am a aware ofspecific training spots not listed here, such as the place Piccolo took Goku to train in the wild,any information I pulled up was not specific enough, same with other variousareas. So, due to lack of info, I did not list these.

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