The Earthling Dragon Balls have been used too many times, so they have been charged with a negative energy equal in power to the positive one released from the granted wishes.
And it is from this negative energy that the Evil Shenlongs were born... the Evil Shenlong from whom descend the seven dragons listed below...

Evil Shenlong
He's the dragon that appeared from the 7 Dragon Balls full of negative energy!
This means that he is a divine dragon with a negative spiritual power. This dragon split into the seven Evil Shenlongs scattered on the Earth.
Unlike Shenlong, he uses bad words and always smokes the cigar!

Ishinlon (Ii-Shenlong)
He's the 1 Star Dragon (born from Isshinchu), the most powerful among the Evil Shenlongs! He's a such cruel character that he even killed one of his fellows, Sushinlon, with no mercy! He has a defensive ability that can stop any of the attacks of Goku Super Saiyan 4. In fact, in this form he has the same fighting power of a Super Saiyan 4.
By absorbing all the other Balls, he obtains a power ten times higher than normal, and becomes Super Ishinlon!
He was born from the negative energy that made reborn all the people killed by Freeza and his henchmen.

Super Ishinlon (Super Ii-shenlong)
His power is ten times higher than normal Ishinlon's! In this form he can use all the techniques of the other Evil Shenlongs and he can also throw an energy sphere filled of the negative energy of all the Dragon Balls.

Ryanshinlon (Liang-Shenlong)
He's the 2 Star Dragon (born from Ryanshinchu). He's not very strong, so before attacking, he poisons his opponent using his evil energy: he creates a negative energy field turning the water of a lake into a poisoning mist. Although he's not so strong, he gives himself airs, he's quite smart and has a very powerful hit: a destructive energy attack from his mouth.
He was born from the negative energy due to the rebirth of Upa's father, Bora.

Sanshinlon (San-Shenlong)
He's the 3 Star Dragon (born from Sanshinchu) and talks very fine, but he's absolutely cruel! He makes anything can lead him to win! He can control the cold air and make a kind of ice that it's impossible to melt. Sanshinlon can also release cold air from his entire body and, by turning his arm in a cannon, shoot icy bullets.
He was born when the Dragon Balls deleted the memory of Majin Buu from people's mind.

Sushinlon (Suu-Shenlong)
He's the Dragon of the 4 Star Dragon Ball (Sushinchu), owned by Old Son Gohan, Goku's grandpa. He can increase his body temperature to 6000 degrees, just like the Sun. His mortal attack is the Burst Attack, a very powerfull fireball... he hurls after having made it with the energy from his own body. He's a warrior who likes fairly fighting, instead of his brother Sanshinlon. During the match with Goku, a strange loyalty relationship has born between them.
Sushinlon was born when the Dragon Balls made Piccolo Daimao return young.

Ushinlon (Uu-Shenlong)
He's the 5 Star Dragon (born from Ushinchu) and can control electricity. He obtains a giant body by absorbing some creatures named Slime. Besides, by absorbing electricity, he becomes so big he can swallow the whole city! His special technique is the Dragon Thunder that paralizes his enemies. Among the seven Evil Shenlongs he's the smaller, but he's very presumptuous and thinks he's the best.
He was born from the wish granted to recall to life Goku, when Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth.

Giant Ushinlon (Giant Uu-Shenlong)
Ushinlon grows up more and more when he absorbs other energy. His soft body rejects even the power of Goku SSJ4's Kamahameha. He can control the electricity but his weak point is that if he touches the water he seizes up!

Ryushinlon (Ryuu-Shenlong)
He's the 6 Star Dragon (born from Ryushinchu) and he presents himself under the aspect of the beautiful Otohime, but his true aspect is horrible! He faces Goku with different strikes created with the air, like the Kuretsu Kidan (cutting air bullets), the Reppu Shinkuzan (emptiness hurricane cut) that are blades of air, the Senpu Kaitenba (vortex rotating blades) that is a mix between a tornado and a cutter, etc... etc... His only weak point is that he cannot defend himself when they attack him from above.
He was born when Oolong asked for a pair of girl pants during the fight against Pilaf.

Here is the look of Ryushinlon at the eyes of our heroes... the beautiful princess Otohime! Her shield, made by a tornado, can reject even Goku's attacks, but not those from the above!

Chishinlon (Chii-Shenlong)
He's the 7 Star Dragon (born from Chishinchu) and he can control earthquakes. He looks like a giant mole but his true aspect is just like the 7 Star Dragon Ball! He has the ability to absorb other creatures so he can increase his power. Chishinlon will absorb Pan too (and he'll become Super Chishinlon) so Goku will not attack him at full power. Although he seems stupid, he's really clever!
Chishinlon was born when Bulma wished to revive everybody died in 25th Tenkaichi tournament's day, but evils.

Super Chishinlon (Super Chii-Shenlong)
He's Chishinlon himself who, trapped Pan with a stratagem, leaves the body of the mole he before took, in order to become bigger and stronger, and learning also her fighting techniques. Goku SSJ4 defeats him only taking advantage at the right moment when he can take away Pan from Dragon's body.

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