Red Ribbon Army - first appear in Dragonball trying to find the Dragonballs at the same time as Goku in the earlier parts of the Dragonball series. In result of searching for the Dragonballs they send a wave of fear and destruction through the world as they searched for the Dragonballs. The RR Army's plan was to wish for world domination. The army was controlled by a short man name Commander Red. Commander Red had said that wish for the Dragonballs so the RR Army would do it, yet he secretly was going to wish to be tall. When Assistant Black found out about the real wish, he killed Commander Red, and took control of the army, re-naming it to the Black Ribbon Army. Soon after Goku destroys the entire RR Army, killing Black with it.

» Commander Red - The original commander in the Red Ribbon Army, he is very short. He is thought to have wanted to Dragonballs to wish for World Domination, but really wants to wish to be taller. When Assistant Black found out about the real wish, Black got mad, and shot Red in the head, thus, he renamed it to the Black Ribbon Army.

» Assistant Black - Red's right hand man. Black usually just stood around and said exactly what Red wanted to hear, although, he really hated his job. He was a very tall black man, who made Red very mad every time he stood next to him because of how much shorter Red was. When Black found out about the wish that Red really wanted to make, he shot him dead in the head, and, renamed the army to Black Ribbon Army. Goku fought him in Black's metal suit, but, Goku killed him, by going
straight through the suit, thus, making it explode.

» General Blue - One of the high-ranking officers of the Red Ribbon Army. Although he was very strong, he was also gay. He had a special technique that he could paralyze people, where they couldn't move, thus, Blue could go into an attack and defeat them. He chased Goku around a lot to find the Dragon balls. He also fought a lot of other people to get away and go back the RRA HQ. When he got to the HQ, Red looked on his dragon radar and saw that he missed a ball where he was. In the Dragon Ball series, his death was to fight Tao Pai Pai, and, lost by Tao sticking his tongue on a pressure point on his head. In the 10th Anniversary movie, his death was execution by some low level privates. They dragged him in a room and shot him to death.

» General White - In charge of Muscle Tower, he commands Android #8, Sergeant Metallic, Sergeant Purple, and Monster Buyon. He had a Dragon Ball that Goku wanted, and, he also hurt many people in the village outside of the Tower. Goku didn't like that, so he went to go fight him. After Goku had defeated every person in the tower, he went after White. White had the mayor held captive and threatened to kill the mayor if need be. Goku didn't move one bit, but he was the one that got shot anyway.. After Goku fell, White tried to fire again, but Android 8 blocked it. Android 8 went into a rage and charged White. He then blew White out of the tower, sending him to a snowy grave.

» General Copper - Although we don't see him in the manga, he controls Captain Yellow, Captain Violet, and Captain Silver. He commands them all to find the Dragon Ball's, so he could take them back to Red, and get all the credit.

» Captain Yellow - We see him briefly in the manga and anime, but he goes around trying to find the Dragon Ball's for General Copper. That is basically all we see him do.

» Captain Violet - We see her briefly in the anime, but, never in the manga. She gives a Dragon Ball to General Copper, and, is never seen again.

» Captain Silver - The first of the high-ranking officers that Goku fights. This is a very short fight. Silver let his guard down completely, because, he didn't know Goku had a lot of strength. After Goku defeated Silver, he got a Dragon Ball and ran off. Silver then told Copper what happened, and, saw he was heading north, so, he told Copper to tell White in Muscle Tower to be ready for a very strong boy.

» Android 8 - The first of the Androids we see in the series. He is ordered to fight Goku under Sergeant Purple's orders, but refuses. Purple threatens to make him explode if he doesn't, but Android 8 said he would rather die than fight. Goku couldn't bear to see this so, he knocked out Purple. Android 8 was so happy; he gave Goku the Dragon Ball he stole. They then went up the muscle together, fighting monster Buyon and General White. He got very mad at White, when he shot Goku, and Goku didn't get up. He then hit White so hard; he went straight out the tower's wall and fell into the snow. Android 8 went to go live with the mayor, and, is seen briefly again at the end of the Buu saga, giving some of his power to build the ultimate Spirit Bomb.

» Monster Buyon - A very fat and giggly monster. He is located in the secret fifth floor of the muscle tower. When Goku was on the fourth floor with Android 8, Goku asked what was on the fifth floor. Android 8 said there was no fifth floor. So, they went to General White. White then opened a hatch to a very dark fifth room with the monster Buyon. Goku tried every way possible to kill him. He blasted a Kamehameha at him, but, it went right back at Goku. Goku tried hitting him, but Goku just fell back. The monster almost ate Goku, but he got an idea. He remember how cold it was outside, and how it made him frozen. He blasted a Kamehameha at the wall, and a blast of cold air came in, and froze Buyon. He then punched Buyon, and flew straight to the sixth floor.

» Sergeant Purple - Even though he is smart, he loses to Goku in a fight. After the fight he tries to unleash Android 8 upon Goku, or he would destroy Android 8. Android 8 refuses, and Goku knocks out Purple before he could do anything.

» Mercenary Tao - Tao is a deadly assasian, who lives for money. He is hired by Commander Red to emilinate Goku. The first time they fight Goku is defeated. But after Korin's training Goku mops the floor with Tao. He returns at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai as part cyborg, but is beaten again by Tenshinhan. He returns in the Cell Saga. He is hired by a rich coward who is forcing people to build a protective dome against Cell. Gohan shows up to put a stop to this, and when Tao realises who Gohan's father is he runs off.

» Sergeant Metallic - Goku went into a huge fight with this enormous robot. Goku tried all he could to fight him, but, metallic was so hard, Goku kept getting numb hands. Metallic went into a charge on Goku, and Goku used his Kamehameha to blow him away. But, Metallic just lost his head and a little bit of his clothes. Goku didn't know what to think. Metallic went after him again for one more attack, but, stopped before Goku could attack. Goku just left him and went to the fourth floor.

Dr. Flappe - The original creator of the androids. In the anime, akira Toriyama added this doctor into the story, just to have another hostage for Purple. But, you have to remember, Dr. Gero was years off before Akira was thinking of the Cell saga. But, all Dr. Flappe did was stick around, be a hostage, and leave.

»Dr. Gero - THE original creator of every android, and a very pissed man at Goku. He devoted his life to get back at Goku for destroying his creations. We see him as Android 20 in the Cell Saga.

Hasky - A master thief who is occasionally employed by the Red Ribbon Army. She has made a career out of doing the impossible. After she accepts a job, her abilities are such that not even the tightest security can stop her from making off with her prize. Once more, she has accepted a lucrative, lofty assignment from Commander Red: steal the Dragon Balls and get rid of Goku!

NOTE: Mercenary Tao is not part of the Red Ribbon Army, although he does take part in it. He was just an assassin for hire, and, took the job. Although he got paid and did his job, Goku did destroy Tao, after being blown up by a grenade.

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Androids 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, New 17, Super 13, and Super 17:
All androids are created by Dr. Gero, who later on becomes one himself (Android #20). Though only android #8 is truly a member of the orriginal RR army, all androids share the same objective: the destruction of Goku. Ironically, the exception is android #8, who's programming was flawed and didn't like to fight, who becomes friends with Goku. Androids #16 and #18 also turn 'good' in DBZ.


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