When Goku is unable to find the remaining Dragon Ball he seeks Baba's help, but unfortunately does not have enough money. Goku decides to face all of Baba's Fighters and if he succeeds will get his fortune for free!
Said to be the strongest wizard to ever live, he is the creator of Majin Buu and reeks havoc with this creation across the universe. Even after Bibidi dies his son Babidi continues his destruction and resurrects Majin Buu.
Bojack: N/A
When he and his team of highly powerful Demons, escape from their imprisonment they come across the Z-Fighters. Team faces team, good vs. evil, and without Goku their to help it's up to his son to take on Bojack himself.
Dai Kaioshin:
Roughly translated to the Grand Supreme Kai, is the highest ranked of all gods in the entire universe. When Majin Buu comes he sacrifices his own life to save Supreme Kai, who is responsible for Buu being killed many years later.
Frieza: N/A
Thought to be the strongest being in the entire universe, Frieza is one of the most ruthless beings to ever exist. He also happens to have more henchmen than any other character in the series.
  Garlic: N/A
Before Piccolo becomes the guardian of Earth, the old guardian has to decide who will take his place. Piccolo and Garlic fight over the position and Garlic ends up losing. So since he can't be god of Earth, he decides to try to take it over!
  Piccolo: N/A
When Piccolo is forced to split himself into two halves; one pure good and the other pure evil, his evil side tries to take over the world. In the process he gathers many henchmen to assist him and even creates a few.
He is thought to have wanted the Dragonballs to wish for World Domination, but really wants to wish to be taller. Because he is so weak he gathers many henchmen to do the job for him.
  Slug: N/A
In Dragonball Z Movie 4, we see one of the last Ancient Nameks called Lord Slug. He and his crew try to take control of the Earth, but are interrupted by Goku and the gang.
  Turles: N/A
When a group a evil space pirates come to Earth to planet the Tree of Might, Goku and friends are forced to do everything in their power to stop them.

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